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Traveling solo has its pros and cons, the pros far outweigh the cons. When you're on your own, you're independent and in control. You can travel at your own pace, do the things that interest you, eat where and when you like, and splurge where you want to splurge. You don't have to wait for your partner to pack up, and you never need to negotiate where to eat or when to call it a day. Here are 10 of the best places in Europe you can travel solo. 

1.Barcelona, Spain
The capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is the perfect place to visit if you’re a solo travel. It's not too big and moving around is quite simple. Spain in general is an inexpensive country, and Barcelona is no exception if you avoid the usual tourist traps. Barcelona is one of the very few cities that, since it lies on the beach, boasts the vibe of the big city as well as the chilled energy of the ocean.

2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Amsterdam’s hipster scene is alive and thriving, making it a mecca for young digital nomads. This is a great city to travel solo in Europe. While it may have a notorious reputation for being one of the most expensive cities to visit in Europe, the truth is you can experience Amsterdam on a budget as it is home to some of the best cheap eats, a hostel mecca and if you’re more of an introverted traveler, there are some great AirBnBs throughout the city. There’s so much to see and do in Amsterdam that you’ll need at least a few nights to discover it all!

3. Stockholm, Sweden
As a city built on fourteen islands, with 57 bridges and a huge body of water, water sports are popular with both locals and tourists alike in and around Stockholm. As the sun appears in summertime, you can find many locals grabbing a bicycle with a picnic basket and heading down to the water to kayak through the twinkling rivers, sprawling islands and sun-kissed lakes of Stockholm. The city is lively in summer, and as soon as there’s a hint of warmth in the city air, out come the boats; sailboats, yachts, small motor boats, paddleboards and row boats. Boats can be easily rented and you can always join a class, club or group to meet like-minded people. If you want to swim in Stockholm, you can freely do so - anywhere. Even if that means jumping off the steps at the City Hall into Lake Mälaren, in front of the castle, the Grand Hotel, or off the rocks of Södermalm. 

4. Athens, Greece
Athens is a wonderful destination for solo travelers. Not only is it friendly, welcoming and easy to get around, but it is home to some spectacular attractions that you don’t want to miss out on just because you don’t have a travel buddy.
You’ll want to stay fairly central when travelling to Athens so you can easily walk around the top sights like the Acropolis (and Acropolis Museum), the Ancient Agora, Monastiraki, Plaka and Syntagma Square. Thankfully there are so many options within this area that you won’t be hard pushed to find a decent hostel or AirBnB.

5. Berlin, Germany
Berlin is young and old, historic and modern, and classic and cutting edge — all at the same time. The city is still constantly changing, and there are so many sights that it’ll inevitably be difficult to fit it all into your schedule. Start your sprint at the Circus Hotel, which offers single rooms in both its hotel and hostel, and take off on city tour to get the lay of the land the first day. Once situated, run between sights like the Berlin Wall’s East Side Gallery and the Brandenburg Gate, snacking on currywurst — my newfound favorite local dish — along the way.

6. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen may just have the most interesting mix of old and new architecture in all of Europe. Structures such as the historic Amalienborg Palace and the newer, cutting-edge Copenhagen Opera House are a stone’s throw from each other. You can see all the architecture the city offers on a canal tour.
Copenhagen is also becoming a global sustainable food and craft beer destination. A trip is not complete without trying a hot dog or grabbing a beer at Mikkeller. Food and beer tours are also available to those who don't want to venture into a restaurant or bar alone.

7. Edinburgh, Scotland
As the capital city of Scotland, it’s clear that there’s no shortage of amazing things to do in Edinburgh. Between scouting out Harry Potter inspiration locations and drinking some of the best local beers that the city has to offer, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time wandering around this UNESCO world heritage literary city, especially if you’re travelling alone and are free to set your own schedule!

8. Oslo, Norway
When choosing some of the best places to travel alone in Europe, Oslo just has to be on your list. Norway was considered the world’s happiest country in 2017 by the United Nations. This peaceful European country also has a lower crime rate that made this little country one of the best places to travel alone in Europe. Oslo, the capital city of Norway is not only popular among solo travelers, but it is also a place where you would like to visit with your friends and families.

9. Palma, Spain
Avoid overrun resorts on the sun-soaked island of Mallorca. Instead, stay in its capital, Palma, where you can explore the city’s breathtaking architecture in between trips to the beach. Visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma and marvel at this 14th-century cathedral built in glowing sandstone with its 61 stained-glass windows. A historic walking tour will excite any history buff while foodies will love a tapas tour.

10. Bologna, Italy
Bologna is fantastic for two reasons: the food and the locals. If you found Rome, Milan and Florence too much for you, Bologna will be like a breath of fresh air on your face. It's one of the most famous university towns in Italy (and in Europe) so you can feel the young vibe all around town.


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