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How to Be a Digital Nomad and Travel the World While Working.

Okay, so your heart is set on the nomadic lifestyle. That's great. But first, what is digital nomad? Digital nomad means you can work from anywhere in the world. When You’re a ‘Digital Nomad,’ the World Is Your Office. Living as a digital nomad, you’re able to see incredible places, learn from different cultures, and work when or where you want to — true freedom.   How to be a digital nomad? Going solo. This means that you quit your job and transfer your current work online. This scenario works best for consultants (any type), teachers/tutors, lawyers, accountants, etc. Get a job that teaches you the skills you need to know. If you’re young and in no real hurry to become a digital nomad...

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What Will Travel Be Like After The Coronavirus?

There is a question that we can’t get out of our head: How, When and Where would be safe to travel after Coronavirus outbreak?   People who were busy making plans for spring and summer trips are thinking twice. A survey of 1,200 US adults by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that one in eight have already changed their travel plans due to concerns about the virus. Here is How Will People Travel After The Coronavirus...

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